Intellectual Property Law

Protecting, Preserving and Promoting Your Creative Labour

We are experienced in trademark registrations both domestically and internationally. We also are well connected to law firms in foreign jurisdictions where the trademark has to be registered separately. While we have acted mainly for SMEs, we are also capable of acting for other larger setups for trademark registrations. Beyond registration of intellectual property, we also have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting business contracts in the field of intellectual property.

What Our Clients Say

  • Senior partner in an offshore American law firm with offices worldwide.

    Bernard is reliable, professional, and cost-efficient.

  • Philip Goh

    Director of TC Projects Pte Ltd

    Bernard – It’s really a wonderful experience working with you and I thank you so much for the invaluable time and advice that you have shared with us.

  • Prabu Naidu

    Director of Facilitators Network of Singapore

    Bernard – We are very satisfied with your humility, patience and professionalism.

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