Solving and Resolving Your Disputes

Disputes are an inescapable part of life. Unfortunately at times, disputes escalate into lawsuits.

Our team of litigators is here to help you both before and after escalation of the matter, with the aim to resolve the dispute. We do not encourage litigation with any agenda to earn fees, nor do we propose settlement for the sake of it. Rather, we are committed to helping you achieve a resolution which, having considered all relevant circumstances, is in your best interests.

We strive to be effective and practical problem-solvers. When called upon, we will represent you robustly – all the way to the end, if need be.

With this approach in mind, we have acted and continue to act for various clients, including individuals and businesses (large and small), in manifold civil and commercial disputes, in the Supreme Court, the State Courts, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, and in various other adjudication bodies and tribunals. We have acted in a broad range of contentious matters relating to contract, property, estate, employment, defamation, trusts, insolvency, tenancy, banking and securities, corporate and shareholder disputes.

What Our Clients Say

Dominic and his team went above and beyond and exceeded all of my expectations in every way. Dealing internationally, he made a positive impact on my case as the knowledge he used along with the professionalism was instrumental. Being on different international time zone he worked on hours that were not expected and always did so with positivity and service. He uses common sense as well as legal knowledge equally and his work was very thorough in everything he did. He treated our case as if it was his own with passion and conviction and approaches the toughest problems with only solutions. I am very grateful that I found Dominic and the Characterist firm and could not recommend anyone as highly as I do with him.

Benjamin M. Sturner, Founder & CEO, Leverage Agency

Despite taking over the case from our previous lawyers in short notice of just two days to our [deadline] for our appeal, you were able to grasp the difficulties and intricacies we faced… We took courage and confidence from your conviction and zeal as you put forth our case in the High Court… We felt that [Dominic] put his whole heart and soul in representing us in our litigation. That inspired hope for us in what seemed like an unsurmountable obstacle… Our vindication is a testimonial of your capabilities, experience and dedication to do the utmost for your clients.

Ng Boo Han and Audrey Koo

[Dominic] would analyse the facts critically and present all possible options available… He would anticipate the most likely outcome on critical and specific issues. He is very resourceful, knowledgeable and meticulous in presenting his case. Most of all, he is very sharp. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any legal proceeding for the future.

Boey Ghim Huat

Dominic is a very professional lawyer and advocate with good knowledge and initiative. He believed in me...and went all out for me without giving up. I really appreciate the tremendous hard work and unceasing effort he put into my case, which eventually paid off with an excellent result. Thank you.

Jeremiah Tay

Thank you for all the efforts. I really appreciate the kindness and understanding for the past years in helping me deal with the situation.

David Sim