“Empathy in every case when traversing emotional terrain, decisive strength in every step towards conflict resolution.”

Heng Min Zhi


Min Zhi’s primary area of practice is Family and Matrimonial Law but has also expanded her practice into Conveyancing and Property Law.

Min Zhi graduated from the National University of Singapore’s Graduate LL.B (GLB) programme in 2015 and was called to the Singapore Bar in 2016. She holds previous degrees in Literature from the University of Virginia (B.A., 2003) and Harvard University (A.M., 2008), and her background as a literary theorist continues to inform and bring nuance to her legal work.

Min Zhi finds her niche in the Family Court where she has regular conduct of contested matters such as contentious divorce; annulment; custody, care and control of children; assets division and tracing; maintenance, as well as the variation and enforcement of ancillary matrimonial court orders. At the same time, she is a strong proponent of family mediation (and other non-adjudicative processes) as low-acrimony, collaborative pathways towards resolving family and matrimonial disputes.

She is also experienced in assisting families in the legal adoption of both local and foreign children, including in cases where consent has been difficult to obtain.

Min Zhi also advises and assists clients in future planning in all matters with direct legal impact on the family, including the preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements; customised lasting powers of attorney, wills, trusts, deeds of gifts and family arrangement; provision of advisories on estate planning and estate administration. Her focus is always on helping clients structure their family affairs to better reflect contemporary family dynamics and to weather major life changes.

Min Zhi currently provides pro-bono consultations and advice on family law matters through the legal clinics of various professional and charitable organisations in Singapore. She is a member of the Singapore Association of Women Lawyers.

She also handles all types of conveyancing and property law transactions.

Outside of legal practice, when not keeping company with literary texts and theory, Min Zhi enjoys ballet performances, vintage radio dramas, Chinese tea-brewing, and (trying to) grow heat-tolerant lettuces in the tropics.

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