Rule of Law, Not Rule of Man

All legal powers have legal limits. The Singapore Constitution entrusts the courts with the power and duty to ensure that any exercise of government power or any other legal power is done within proper limits.

In Singapore, the Constitution separates government power into the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches. The Constitution also protects fundamental liberties and lays down clear rules on whether and how these liberties may be restricted.

At Characterist LLC, we are committed to ensure that the rule of law is respected and that legal rights are upheld. We are also sensitive to the many interests and considerations that arise in different cases, whether public or private, and seek to find the best solutions taking into account all relevant factors and circumstances.

We have advised and acted for various clients in cases involving questions of constitutional or administrative law. Our team of lawyers has also handled disputes involving members of societies and clubs and the proper interpretation of the constitutions and procedures of these organisations.