From our initial consultation to the resolution of the matter, Daniel [Ng’s] professionalism and expertise were evident at every step. He was able to advise us based on our best interests. His strategic approach, attention to detail, and effective communication ensured that I was well informed and confident in the decisions we made together. His responsiveness to my enquiries and the clarity with which he explained legal nuances were invaluable and greatly appreciated. Thanks to his efforts, the resolution of my legal matter was not only successful but also conducted with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Daniel [Ng] listens empathetically and tries his best to understand what we are putting across. He will paraphrase and seek our clarification. Then he will propose solutions and recommend which is best for us in our situation, explaining the complications and implications (if any).

[Daniel Ng is] knowledgeable, friendly, [and] good at explaining his work. Able to suggest solutions and workarounds to problems.

[Daniel Ng is] responsive, considered, [and] diligent.

[Daniel Ng] always puts himself in my shoes but with his legal expert’s hat to advise on my best interest … Very responsive and professional.

I contacted Johnston through a referral and was highly recommended. He was kind and professional in his communication and explanations for the entire process of this traffic accident case which were physically and mentally traumatising. He also provided necessary assurance along the way and explained how the process and court systems in Singapore work so we knew we were in good hands and how far we are into the process. I have already recommended others who are experiencing similar issues and will continue to recommend Johnston for his hard work and excellent service.

Daniel Goh is definitely a commendable lawyer with the knowledge and experience in insurance and personal injury. His expertise and consultation helped me in better understanding the legal process and achieve a favourable outcome. I highly recommend his services to anyone who’s in need of legal representation.

Thank you guys so much for the help you’ve provided for the past 2-3 years. It has been very comforting and helpful knowing that I have you guys helping me with this matter and making the process less painful that it actually is (never did this before prior to this).

I am very pleased with the services rendered through Daniel Goh and Team from Characterist LLC. Having listened and weighed out the facts presented from my case in a fair and just manner, before proceeding to listen to my inputs as a victim, I felt Daniel and his team took me seriously in the face of claimed evidence and an investigation finding favour for the opposing side. Daniel and his team were responsive to my concerns through the course of the engagement and responsible in keeping me up to date of the process as they presented their findings, resulting in a positive outcome for which I am more than thankful. I will not be afraid to recommend Daniel and his firm to any friends who require legal assistance, having already done so.

[Daniel] made my claim situation most seamless, and guided me every step of the way through the entire process. From the outset he was clear and reassuring, responsive and highly capable. His team was equally good and capable. I am glad to have engaged his services and I would highly recommend him.