Jaslyn Go

I have had some bad experiences with a legal professional before Daniel was recommended to me by another professional that I work closely with. Not only is Daniel efficient, helpful, responsive and competent, amongst other things, I have to say that he has restored my faith in the legal profession, taking into account my previous experiences. I initially went to him for a civil litigation matter. He did well, gave me confidence, gained my trust and I have since gone to him for all other corporate legal matters for my company. It does not stop here, in fact, I have also referred friends / contacts to his firm for legal matters. As I can trust Daniel, I believe I can also trust the rest of his colleagues whom he has introduced, they have also proven to be equally competent.

I now see Daniel not just as my lawyer but as a friend, someone I can turn to for help in times of need. I will strongly recommend him to whoever needs legal help.