Characterist in the news: Trial of Chew Eng Han (24 Sep 2018)

24 September 2018 | Adrian WeeRachel Soh

Characterist LLC’s Adrian Wee and Rachel Soh represented Chew Eng Han at a trial on 24 September 2018.

Mr Chew was convicted in October 2015, together with 5 others, in the high-profile City Harvest Church case. He was arrested while in a sampan off Pulau Ubin on 21 February 2018, the day before he was due to start serving his sentence.

Mr Chew faces two charges: one, a charge under Section 5(5) of the Immigration Act, for attempting to leave Singapore from Pulau Ubin by boat, and two, a charge under Section 204A of the Penal Code read with Section 511 of the Penal Code, for attempting to intentionally defeat the course of justice.

The Prosecution called three witnesses, all of whom are officers of the Police Coast Guard. Mr Chew was the Defence’s only witness and declined to take the stand.

The trial has concluded and judgment is scheduled to be delivered on 13 November 2018 with parties making submissions in the interim.

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