Chin Chin has garnered more than 24 years of experience as a practising lawyer in Singapore. She started her career under the training of Mr Michael Khoo SC and the mentorship of her father, Mr Lie Kee Pong. Driven by a vision to build a platform for competent lawyers to practise without compromising on values, she has been instrumental in growing Characterist LLC into a multi-disciplinary practice dedicated to values at work. Under her leadership, her firm received awards over consecutive years (2015–2016; Corporate Intl Global Awards) for being a Boutique Family & Matrimonial Law Firm of the Year and a Boutique Property & Real Estate Law Firm of the Year.

Chin Chin has represented corporations and people from all walks of life. She has fought and defended causes at all levels of the Singapore Courts. Her diligence in fact analysis positively assisted the Court of Appeal and earned her recognition by the former Chief Justice Yong Pung How.

In over two decades of practice, Chin Chin has led teams of lawyers on commercial projects involving complex loan transactions, sale and purchase of businesses and joint venture formation. Chin Chin’s dedication to resolving challenges and taking businesses and lives to the next level has positively impacted individuals, their businesses and their families. With a combination of business acumen and legal experience, she is quick to understand her clients’ businesses and has helped SME business owners benefit from creative legal solutions.

Chin Chin is also a keen property investor and a proud mother of four. Her personal life experience, coupled with her vast legal knowledge, has enabled her to help many. She maximises opportunities for property investors. She empowers families to move forward with greater legal protection and better clarity. As a way of paying it forward, she has consolidated important pointers for families to protect themselves legally and excel in their circumstances. Her book Instant Legal Protection for Your Family is available in major bookshops.

Contact Details:
Tel: (65) 6298 8388
Fax: (65) 6338 2685
[email protected]

"Giving a higher perspective to someone at crossroads, helping him to lay aside uncertainties, crippling fears and confusion, to re-empower, and move forward."

~ Lie Chin-Chin

  • Sale and purchase of residential property for home owners and investors.
  • Sale and purchase of commercial property by developers and investors.
  • Sale and purchase of part-share in property.
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  • Sale of property through Power of Attorney, deputies, and administrators and executors.
  • Sale of commercial properties to REITS.
  • Transfer of properties from trustees to beneficiaries.
  • Transfer of properties by gifts.
  • Acquisition of properties for investors/ developers on an en-bloc basis.
  • Arranging for properties to be held on trusts.
  • Claim against vendors for defective workmanship, negligent work, and/or
  • Claim against agent for loss due to undisclosed conflict of interest.
  • Claims pertaining to unauthorised additions and alterations.
  • Acting for landlords and tenants in relation to tenancies and sub-tenancies.
  • Acting for religious organisations, cults, associations and societies to acquire premises for specific uses.
  • Acting in disputes between MCST and property owners.
  • Application for approval for foreigners to own landed property.
  • Application to replace lost title deeds.
  • Termination and amalgamation of strata-title/ sub-division of land.
  • Re-issuance of strata-title after installation of lifts to old buildings.
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  • Mohd bin Sapri v Synthes Singapore Private Limited and Others [1995] SGHC 248
  • Mohd bin Sapri v Soil-Build (Pte) Ltd and another appeal [1996] 2 SLR(R) 223
  • Cheng Heng Lee and another v Public Prosecutor [1998] 3 SLR(R) 747
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  • Lie Kee Pong v Chin Chow Yoon and another [1998] 1 SLR(R) 747
  • Yu Wei Shin v Yong Kim Ying (m.w.) [2002] SGDC 163
  • GW v GX [2005] SGDC 54
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  • Member, Law Society of Singapore
  • Member, Singapore Academy of Law
  • Committee Member, Fei Yue Community Services
  • LLB (Hons), National University of Singapore
  • Advocate and Solicitor
  • Commissioner For Oaths

“Chin Chin has strong knowledge in the area of advice and is very experienced. She is able to provide good advice and explain legalities in simple layman terms. She is professional and gives a sense of reliability.”

- Kok Toong Keong

“Seeing through two bereavements within a year, I am quite overwhelmed, but luckily Ms Lie and her support staff are always on top for my case. With Chin Chin and her team, I feel very reassured that everything will be done well by Characterist for my case, at this time when I am very busy and going through a difficult time.”

- Ms. Lim

"Chin Chin and her team possess competent expertise in various fields. They are different in that they provide a more personal touch and their charges are reasonable."

- James Goh

“As a direct result of implementing a financial principle shared by Chin Chin, our family is now better leveraged and we can potentially retire earlier! Thank you so much for impacting our lives!”

- S. Romeo & Dr. Anna May Selga

“Chin Chin is very capable and truthful, someone I definitely want to learn more from. I would certainly recommend my friends to do the same!”

- Morgan Oh, Pilot for Singapore Airlines

“Chin Chin, you are always so positive, so cheerful and business savvy too!”

- Ng Kiat, CEO Mapletree Logistics Trust Management Ltd

“[Chin Chin] is not your average woman and has massively impressed me with the way she cares for her business and employees and at the same time, takes care of her four children.”

- Chris McGregor, Fund Manager   

“[Chin Chin] is an empowering woman. We can learn so much from the way she balances her work life and family life.”

- Viya Chen, Strengths for Success Coach

"Actually Chin Chin, I have also heard very good feedback about you. These words are not only from me but also from people around me. And it is also my personal belief that good professionals and good services must be highlighted. So at last you know the market vibes about your company."

- Swee, Associate Director of C&H Realty

"I would like to bring you notice of excellent customer service from [Chin Chin's staff] Cindy. She takes care of the client very well and update us on the progress on regular basis. We feel very comfortable to deal with her. On account of her good service, we are transacting our third property transaction with your firm. I plan to transact one more property soon. She is very hardworking and customer focused. I would like to record this appreciation about her service."

- Subramania Pillai Saravanan/Gomathi Rani Saravanan

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