Recommended Firm for Construction

Characterist’s Construction practice has been recognised as a “Recommended” Firm for Construction by Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific in 2024, having been previously ranked as “Notable Firm” in 2018, 2022 and 2023.

The construction practice is headed by Francis Wong, a civil engineer who became a lawyer. Francis has over 20 years of practical work experience across the construction, legal and offshore industries with a unique ability to combine and cross-relate across each industry.

His engineering background with site experience enables us to take on technically challenging construction matters and disputes. We help bring out the best case or defence for our clients by asking the right questions.

We also undertake contract reviews and drafting as well as advice on contract administration and tender risk management.

Contract Review

We can help give understanding to what you are signing up for.

No two projects are the same and no two contracts are either – it is important to understand the terms of the contracts because each party will have different commercial interests.

Our in-depth understanding and industry knowledge enable us to develop strategies and solutions for our clients at all levels of the construction hierarchy from employers to main contractors down to sub-contractors – with the ultimate aim of getting the work completed and getting paid.

Our lawyers are familiar with the standard forms of contracts such as the SIA, PSSCOC and REDAS. In addition, we have experience in reviewing and negotiating bespoke terms and conditions contained in letters of award (from main contactors to sub-contractors).

Failing to plan is simply planning to fail. Know your contract!

SOP Claims

SOP Adjudication or SOP claims are claims made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act. The SOP Act introduced a fast and cost efficient mode of dispute resolution where contractor (and sub-contractors) may commence an adjudication against their upstream principal to claim for progress payments for work done on the project.

To get paid, one needs to show the work done. This task however sounds simpler than it actually is. It is all the more challenging especially for a claimant trying to claim for Variation Order (“VO”) work. Project documentation is usually crucial. Our director, who has actual site experience as a civil engineer can help by asking the contractor the right questions because the contractor is after all an expert in his own field. Knowing where to look to find the evidence in support is a good starting point for the success of any payment claim (or payment response, in the case of defending a claim).

Our services and capabilities in this area include the following:

  • Advising on the preparation of payment claims for work done
  • Advising on payment responses to show the work was not done as claimed and/or that the claimant is not entitled to claim.
  • Preparing the Adjudication Applications or the Adjudication Responses and representing clients in the Adjudication Application.

What Our Clients Say

From our initial consultation to the resolution of the matter, Daniel [Ng's] professionalism and expertise were evident at every step. He was able to advise us based on our best interests. His strategic approach, attention to detail, and effective communication ensured that I was well informed and confident in the decisions we made together. His responsiveness to my enquiries and the clarity with which he explained legal nuances were invaluable and greatly appreciated. Thanks to his efforts, the resolution of my legal matter was not only successful but also conducted with the utmost professionalism and integrity.
Client quoted in Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific
[The team is] good at reading the opponent well, considering the options available to us and devising strategy in timing the action the firm had to take. Characterist offered very sound legal advice and set out clearly the risks with each action the firm considered. Basically, they held my hand throughout.
Client quoted in Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific (Construction)
[Francis’] handholding. With his input, I am able to make informed decisions.
Client quoted in Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific (Construction)
They managed to get us a good deal.
Client quoted in Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific (Construction)
[Francis] is prompt and knows the construction industry well.
Client quoted in Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific (Construction)

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