Practice Problems, Effective Solutions

Businesses face day-to-day challenges, with numerous practical problems in need of effective solutions. As a businessperson, the last thing you would want would be a host of legal problems arising from the numerous issues that you might face with your customers, business partners, employees and more.

As a common law legal system, a well-drafted contract can be the solution to many of the potential legal difficulties that may arise.

We have handled a range of agreements, including subscription agreements, shareholders’ agreements, employment contracts, loan agreements and more.

We have also advised and assisted non-profit organisations and charities in relation to their work, and have experience in advising and assisting a religious organisation in relation to the establishment of a new voluntary welfare organisation in Singapore, as well as how they should arrange their affairs internally and externally for compliance with Singapore law.

Our Practice

As a firm, we take a realistic and empathetic approach towards helping your business thrive and grow. We seek to understand the nature of your business, your underlying interests, and work with you to find the best solutions to your challenges which are acceptable to you.

Often, many of our clients come to us while they are on good terms with their counterparts. Given our experience with the challenges frequently faced by clients, we may sometimes invite our clients to question their assumptions, to think through some difficult questions, and to work out solutions to problems before they arise by putting pen to paper in a written contract.

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