Dealing with the Unexpected

Curveballs, unfortunately, are par for the course in life. Family, friends, colleagues, even ourselves will have some point in time faced/know of unfortunate incidents, involving traffic or industrial accidents, medical negligence and/or other genres, in all kinds of settings.

Real-time, accurate, practical legal advice right from the word ‘Go’ is of utmost importance.

Having been recognised as one of Singapore’s best law firms by The Straits Times’ Singapore Best Law Firms consecutively from 2021 to 2024 (negligence & liability law for 2022 to 2024), we believe and pride ourselves in being able to offer solutions to anyone who needs help in this area.

Our wealth of mediation, in-court, and in-house knowledge and experience complements our expansive contacts for the relevant experts that will be required to assist in this area of work, ranging from medical or trauma specialists of all fields, accident reconstruction experts, private investigators, surveyors and the like that have a part to play whenever one is involved in such an episode.

Area of Practice


  • Personal injury;
  • Property damage;
  • Traffic accidents;
  • Medical negligence;
  • Occupier’s liability;
  • Wrongful death claims (claims by dependents and/or the estates of deceased persons);
  • Insurance matters (including disputes over the repudiation of insurance coverage);
  • Debt recovery matters (including work done for insurers in cases of repudiation of liability).

Notable Briefs

  • Represented a mother and child who suffered personal injuries when a van crashed into a coffeeshop they had been patronizing, in a widely reported case. The defendant driver pleaded the defence of automatism for the tort in the first case of its kind in Singapore. We were successful in establishing the defendant’s liability.
  • Represented the families of 4 deceased passengers in their wrongful death claims against the driver of the motor vehicle, in what has been widely reported as Singapore’s most severe motor vehicle accident in the past decade.
  • Represented a motor insurance company in defending the claims of 2 plaintiffs who suffered personal injuries after the defendant’s vehicle collided with them. In so doing, we covered new areas of law such how to account for the effects of the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker in computing the plaintiffs’ pre-trial incomes, and how to address one plaintiff’s claim for loss of earnings when he had to stop working to take care the other plaintiff as a result of the accident.
  • Represented an elderly plaintiff who suffered injuries when the defendant’s vehicle collided with his wheelchair, dealing with issues such as how the plaintiff’s extensive pre-existing medical conditions affected the assessment of damages, and a specialized approach towards “hot-tubbing” medical expert witnesses to consolidate their views.

What Our Clients Say

I was in a financial difficulty before I met with an unfortunate accident which gave me more trouble managing my recovery and claims. Daniel had gone out of the way to help me get through my accident claim by providing assistance along the course of it. Johnston had been very professional and helpful along the way answering my queries patiently and breaking down things i did not understand into layman terms. Both of them have been modest and never ever over promised me and always surprised me with the results. Overall I have been very satisfied all the way from the start to the end of the case. I would highly recommend Characterist LLC for any legal matters.
Seth Ong Zi Yang

Daniel and his team enabled me to focus on my father’s medical treatment and rehabilitation without having to worry about how the case was progressing.

Big thanks to Daniel and his team for the successful claim. We are very relieved and pleased with the outcome
Sook Ling
Thank you guys so much for the help you’ve provided for the past 2-3 years. It has been very comforting and helpful knowing that I have you guys helping me with this matter and making the process less painful that it actually is (never did this before prior to this).
Brenda Quek
Daniel Goh is definitely a commendable lawyer with the knowledge and experience in insurance and personal injury. His expertise and consultation helped me in better understanding the legal process and achieve a favourable outcome. I highly recommend his services to anyone who's in need of legal representation.
Boyce Fong
Provided prompt and helpful legal advice on claim option throughout the proceedings. It managed the claim proceedings well and kept me informed and well briefed throughout.
Client quoted in Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific (Insurance)
I contacted Johnston through a referral and was highly recommended. He was kind and professional in his communication and explanations for the entire process of this traffic accident case which were physically and mentally traumatising. He also provided necessary assurance along the way and explained how the process and court systems in Singapore work so we knew we were in good hands and how far we are into the process. I have already recommended others who are experiencing similar issues and will continue to recommend Johnston for his hard work and excellent service.
Kwon Hyuk Tae
I am very pleased with the services rendered through Daniel Goh and Team from Characterist LLC. Having listened and weighed out the facts presented from my case in a fair and just manner, before proceeding to listen to my inputs as a victim, I felt Daniel and his team took me seriously in the face of claimed evidence and an investigation finding favour for the opposing side. Daniel and his team were responsive to my concerns through the course of the engagement and responsible in keeping me up to date of the process as they presented their findings, resulting in a positive outcome for which I am more than thankful. I will not be afraid to recommend Daniel and his firm to any friends who require legal assistance, having already done so.
Yap Jian Jie
[Daniel] made my claim situation most seamless, and guided me every step of the way through the entire process. From the outset he was clear and reassuring, responsive and highly capable. His team was equally good and capable. I am glad to have engaged his services and I would highly recommend him.
Rebekah Say
I have known Daniel Goh for a long time. He is an excellent lawyer who is competent and gets the job done. He has that ability to combine the grasp/practise of law with the handling of human relationships to make him my go-to lawyer that I will recommend without hesitation to anyone in my area of work. I am sure that he will be very successful in any of his endeavours.
Dr. Jeffrey Chew, Centre for Orthopaedics & Knee & Hip Surgery
My working relationship with Daniel has always been excellent. He makes appropriate referrals, and is experienced, credible and reliable. With his expertise and empathy, he acts in the best interests of his clients. A lawyer I would recommend for those in need of quality service.
Dr. Seng Kok Han, Nobel Psychological Wellness Clinic @ Novena
Mr Daniel Goh… is first and foremost a person who cares deeply for his clients. As someone who was dealt a permanent injury caused by another road user’s reckless driving, it was heartening to have Daniel serve as my solicitor in seeking redress against the other party and help bring matters to a satisfactory close within a short few months… Daniel is not your typical lawyer. The passion for his calling and the skilled mind with which he carries out his work for the greatest benefit of others… is the greatest gift any person in need of legal advice could hope for, and I recommend his expertise unreservedly.
James Char Tze Siang

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