Every Accused Person Deserves a Fair Trial

Any one of us could find ourselves on the wrong end of the law. From the most heinous offences such as murder, to regulatory offences such as a director’s failure to convene a company’s Annual General Meeting or the keeping of exotic pets, and everything in between. In each case, a conviction could overturn one’s life.

At Characterist, we believe that every person deserves fair representation and the opportunity to be heard. Having been recognised as one of Singapore’s best law firms by The Straits Times’ Singapore Best Law Firms consecutively from 2021 to 2024 (criminal law for 2021, and negligence & liability law for 2022 to 2024), we are well positioned to be of assistance in your time of greatest need.

Our firm has connections to many talented individuals in relevant fields, such as fingerprint experts, digital forensic specialists and crime scene experts with experience in police work and investigations. Our own Mitchell Leon is a former policeman and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Forensic Science at the National University of Singapore.

Area of Practice

  • Drug-related offences;
  • Offences involving property damage;
  • Offences involving hurt or bodily injury;
  • Criminal breach of trust;
  • Sexual offences;
  • Traffic offences;
  • Youth offences;
  • Offences under the Enlistment Act;
  • White-collar crimes;
  • Corporate crimes (including ACRA matters);
  • Regulatory offences (including prosecutions by NParks and the Ministry of Manpower);
  • Workplace Safety and Health offences;
  • Purchase by children with parents’ monies

Notable Briefs

  • Acted for two expatriates who decided to have a friendly sparring session whilst intoxicated, causing damage to private property and personal injuries. Although they were arrested, they were let off with a stern warning after we made repetitions to the Police.
  • Acted for a client who was being investigated for allegedly outraging the modesty of two women. He was eventually let off with a warning after representations were made to the Police force.
  • Acted for a company under investigation for the export of goods to a jurisdiction under international sanctions, in breach of the United Nations Act.
  • Defendant a client who had previously been convicted in connection with one of Singapore’s most serious criminal breaches of trust, who had thereafter attempted to defeat the course of justice by leaving Singapore on a small private boat. This case raised novel issues surrounding what constitutes an “attempted” offence.
  • Defended a client who faced multiple charges of fraud arising out of a gold investment scheme that was alleged to have been a Ponzi scheme which drew sales of $150 million SGD.
  • Represented a renowned and prominent bar in Singapore’s central business district in criminal proceedings under the Workplace Safety and Health Act 2006, in a case concerning a security office who tragically fell to his death whilst on duty.
  • Represented a Singapore Armed Forces (“SAF”) serviceman who was convicted  before the military courts of charges under the SAF Act relating to causing the death of another serviceman during a training exercise in a highly reported case. The client was ultimately sentenced to a fine.

What Our Clients Say


Thank you very much for the service and advice!

Thank you very much for the service and advice you had provided to us. The clarity and care you took to explain the procedures and avenues of recourse available to us enabled our mitigation to achieve its intended conclusion. Our utmost appreciation to Gisele as well for her assistance on the administrative matters; the information was clear and prompt. We wish to express our deepest gratitude for your understanding of our financial situation and enabling us to settle the fees gradually. We would also like to apologise if there had been any shortcomings on our part. Many thanks once again and we would certainly engage Characterist if we require legal services in future.

Afiq Syazani and Akif Syamil

Mr. Daniel and his team helped me get over the most difficult time of my life.

Mr. Daniel and his team helped me get over the most difficult time of my life. I was distressed and too stressful until I consult with him and his team.
Mr. HN

And I am very satisfied with the very reasonable fees for your legal advice…

When I was so depressed, your cheering me up was great for me. Daniel gave great service to me even if I am a foreigner.
Mr. DH

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