Practical Problems, Practical Solutions

Our experienced construction litigation team understands that the construction industry has its unique set of challenges. There are deadline pressures, practical difficulties in strictly enforcing contracts, staff management difficulties and the practical problem of debt collection and recovery in a cost-effective and timely manner. We understand the need for practical, cost-effective and holistic solutions.

In this regard, our team acts as the outsourced legal department for many construction firms in Singapore, both big and small. Our team has led multi-million dollar claims and defences in the High Court, arbitration and in Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payments) Act (SOPA) adjudications. Our team has also been involved in some of the landmark decisions in Construction Law in Singapore, particularly in SOPA adjudications and judgments.

However, litigation is but one tool in the range of options we recommend to clients. Our team is also highly experienced at mediation and settlement negotiations on the one hand, doing seminars, training, and operational and contractual revamps for clients to pre-empt and minimize future litigation.

What Our Clients Say

I convinced my client to engage [C]haracterist LLC. Must thank Ker Sheon for his general sharing at C&H. It cast a lasting impression.

Swee, Associate Director of C&H Realty

Really appreciate your great help and precious time in view of your tight schedule. I believe most participants including myself had picked up a few learning points from your presentation.

Kenneth Leong, Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (Singapore) EXCO – Events

BCA Academy will like to thank you for your excellent presentation at the BCAA-IOSH International Conference in WSH seminar. We like to send a crystal award as a token of our appreciation.

Kris Lim, Training Administrative Officer, BCA Academy