Dealing with the Unexpected

Accidents and mishaps can happen at any time to even the most prudent and well-prepared, be it on the road or at the workplace. In such times, we aim to provide you with efficient, cost-effective yet personalized service and solutions on issues relating to motor, industrial and general insurance, as well as medical negligence cases. Our clients include major insurance companies, businesses including SMEs, employers, as well as individuals such as foreign workers and next-of-kin of deceased persons.

Our team of lawyers has a collective experience of more than 30 years handling property damage, personal injury and dependency claims arising from road traffic and industrial accidents, and related applications such as applications for interim payments and security for costs. We are experienced in various means of resolving disputes, from engaging in negotiations at mediation sessions to litigating matters in the High Court and State Courts.

Our advisory services include regulatory and statutory compliance, the assessment and quantification of claims, as well as substantive and procedural issues in relation to motor insurance fraud. Our lawyers are also regular speakers at seminars and courses for insurance professionals.

We have developed good working relationships with a wide range of experts in relevant fields such as medical specialists, occupational therapists, psychologists, private investigators and surveyors, and regularly tap on their expertise where necessary to better serve the needs of our clients.