Protecting Our Loved Ones

We understand the importance of protecting your assets and legacies, providing for the needs of your family, and ensuring that your legacy runs as you intend it to. We will help you plan and draft your will, set up trusts and apply structures and instruments for the protection of your family and assets.

We assist executors, administrators and trustees to expediently commence the administration of estates entrusted to them. In executing the estate administration, our lawyers can guide you on performing your duties justly and efficiently, help you avoid disputes and give practical advice on maintaining relationships. Where disputes arise, we will help you protect the interests of the estate and provide practical and objective advice to help you make informed decisions during difficult and stressful times.

Where your beneficial interests in your fair share of an estate are threatened, we can assist you to protect what rightfully belongs to you and protect the estate from mismanagement.

Our dedicated team of lawyers will offer practical advice and options for the protection of you and your loved ones and for the avoidance of disputes over administration.

We have represented administrators, executors, and beneficiaries in complex and contentious estate matters. We have helped to protect beneficiaries’ interests from being prejudiced and contested wills produced out of fraud, undue influence and lack of testamentary capacity. We have protected executors and administrators from personal liabilities arising during their administration of estates.

We advise business owners on succession planning, help implement buy-sell agreements and advise on funding instruments that ensure the effective fulfilment of buy-sell agreements. We also provide practical advice on how to protect and ring-fence personal assets against potential business risks.