Your Support Through Difficult Times

We understand that issues of the family, matrimonial relationship and children can be sensitive and emotionally draining. More than merely giving you a solution, we are also here to listen, understand and provide you with the necessary care and support to see you through these difficult times.

We have accumulated more than 30 years of experience acting in a wide range of family and matrimonial matters including separations and divorces, annulments, adoptions and personal protection orders. In matrimonial matters, we assist our clients in resolving ancillary matters such as maintenance, division of matrimonial assets and custody of children.

We aim to advance your interests and to achieve a just and fair outcome for you. We promise to protect your rights and to represent you to the best of our abilities.

What Our Clients Say

Mr Johnston Lee is a very patient, humble and well-mannered lawyer. Though sometimes I forward him with long emails, he is patient to read through the emails and reply me accordingly. One of the most prominent thing I would like to compliment him is though I have provided him with much information for my divorce matter, he came up with neutral facts to justify the grounds of divorce (though initially I have the intention to ask him to mention the prominent incidents) thus showing his expertise in handling the case. I will definitely recommend this law firm and Mr Johnston Lee to my friends for legal advice. Keep up the good work, Mr Johnston Lee!

Hannah Jessline Woon

Mr Daniel Goh is a very experienced and trustworthy lawyer. He will not give in to all the requests proposed by the client (me in this case) but to give sound advise with justifiable facts, thus showing his professionalism. Though he is not handling my divorce matter directly, he will make a point to sit in during the meet up sessions with his senior associate, to ensure that things are in order, thus showing that he values his clients. Not only that, he also shows concern to the defendant by having a short meetup session with us, to give some sound advice to both the defendant and I, showing his impartiality in handling the case. Also, the legal fees are very reasonable, for the professional services rendered.
Most important, he cares for the well being of his client (me in this case), as after he knew about my situation at home, he advised me to stay outside with my son for this period of time, and every time he sees me, the first thing he will say is he cares for my well being and safety, showing his genuine care and concern for his client. I will definitely recommend this law firm and Mr Daniel Goh to my friends for legal advice. Well done, Mr Daniel Goh!

Hannah Jessline Woon

Thank you for all your help. I am pleased with the results of the case. Especially Johnston, as you went above and beyond to every query I made and ensuring it meets my expectation on the outcome. I can fully trust you with your professionalism and expertise which make me feel at ease and rest assured. I will definitely recommend Johnston and Daniel from Characterist LLC to anyone who require any legal support.

Once again thank you Johnston and Daniel for all your time and effort during this journey.

Helen Chew

Chin Chin has strong knowledge in the area of advice and is very experienced. She is able to provide good advice and explain legalities in simple layman terms. She is professional and gives a sense of reliability.

Kok Toong Keong

Seeing through two bereavements within a year, I am quite overwhelmed, but luckily Ms Lie and her support staff are always on top for my case. With Chin Chin and her team, I feel very reassured that everything will be done well by Characterist for my case, at this time when I am very busy and going through a difficult time.

Ms. Lim

Chin Chin is contactable and friendly, and provides legal services with a personal touch.

Joanna Gaby Fung