Solving and Resolving Your Disputes

Disputes are an inescapable part of life. Unfortunately at times, disputes escalate into lawsuits.

Our team of litigators is here to help you both before and after escalation of the matter, with the aim to resolve the dispute. We do not encourage litigation with any agenda to earn fees, nor do we propose settlement for the sake of it. Rather, we are committed to helping you achieve a resolution which, having considered all relevant circumstances, is in your best interests.

We strive to be effective and practical problem-solvers. When called upon, we will represent you robustly – all the way to the end, if need be.

With this approach in mind, we have acted and continue to act for various clients, including individuals and businesses (large and small), in manifold civil and commercial disputes, in the Supreme Court, the State Courts, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, and in various other adjudication bodies and tribunals. We have acted in a broad range of contentious matters relating to contract, property, estate, employment, defamation, trusts, insolvency, tenancy, banking and securities, corporate and shareholder disputes.